Definitive Technology BP9060 High-performance Bipolar


SOUND THAT TRANSCENDS THE STATUS QUO – Featuring BDSS technology drivers, this combo has a TOTAL OF 19 SPEAKERS – 8 in each Tower Speaker (4.5″ drivers & 1″ tweeters – front & rear) and 3 in the center channel (5.25″ drivers & 1″ tweeter)
DEEPER, MORE IMPACTFUL BASS & EXTRAORDINARY DETAILS – Each tower includes a built-in 10″ sub (300W) & dual 10″ bass radiators; the center has an up-firing 8” powered sub (150W). Bring out the best from your speaker system with a dedicated subwoofer!
INTELLIGENT BASS CONTROL – Definitive’s proprietary feature helps enhance bass, maintaining an overall balance between the lows & mids so you get crystal clear sound. The tonal balance is incredible and the audio reproduction exquisite!